The Secret to Stratospheric Success

The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success


  1. Value – Give more value than you take in compensation


  1. Compensation – Your income is determined by how many people you serve and                  how well you serve them.


  1. Influence – Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.


  1. Authenticity – The most valuable gift you have is yourself.


  1. Receptivity – The key to giving is receiving.


Bob burg in his book The Go Giver describes these laws and explains why they work. It’s a quick read told through a story and well worth it. Here I will discuss some key points.

In my opinion this is simply a great way to live life. If I can help someone then why not. If more people were concerned with helping, with giving then with winning for themselves the world would have to be a better place. So even if you don’t plan on making millions or you can’t really “buy” into this concept. Go about your day with kindness in your heart. Say Hello, hold a door open, just smile at someone. All simple ways to add a bit of value to someone’s day.


At first glance you might say how could I possibly provide more value then I receive in compensation. Isn’t that a recipe for failure? I’ll go bankrupt! Think back to our last blog post, the 7 levels of self-perception. The law of value states to provide more VALUE, not spend more than you will receive. Value, as based upon the client, not yourself. Remember, these laws are about serving. They are about your clients, NOT you. An easy example of this is when you provide electronic transfer of funds for your client to pay rent. Some clients will perceive that as valuable. They will be glad they don’t have to write a check and mail it. Another value add could be you offering flexible due dates for you tenants based on when they get paid. Another value add could simply be outside cameras and extra outside lighting. Think what your clients wish they had, then find a way to offer that.

Think of value as creating an experience for your client. A friend of mine was just telling me a story of the deli he goes to for his coffee. The guy (owner) behind the counter knows all the regulars by name, greets them with a warm smile and hearty Good Morning as he hands them their cup of coffee, without taking their order!! He knows his customers so well that he fixes their coffee just right and hands it off to them as they arrive at the counter. That’s value. He treats each and every customer like there’re his family. He listens to their stories, he is making friends not creating great customer service. People will do business with those they know and trust. Get to know everyone you can, treat them like family and do it for no other reason then it’s just who you are.

There are three ways to provide value. The good, the bad, and the great.

The Good: Provide the most quality and quantity for the price.

The Bad:  Provide just enough to justify the price.

The Great: Break Through the ceiling with a level of service no amount of money could afford.

The deli owner gave great value. You should also.



Compensation is directly associated with how many lives you touch. Simple put if you can only help 10 clients and each pays you $100 you can only make $1000. If you can find some way of scaling that business so you can help 1000 clients and they each paid you $100 then you would have $100K. The better you serve them the more you will have. Word of mouth is an amazing thing. When you serve someone well and combine that with the Law of Value you simple turbo charge your income.
When thinking of what type of business to run, think about others first. Most people will think about what they want. About how much money they can make or how hard the work will be. Instead ask yourself does this business help others? Yes! Now ask, does it make money? See if you can find a way to help others solve their problem and you can do it well, the money will follow.

Have a passion for what you are giving, not for what you are getting.



What creates influence? When asked, most people will say things like, money, power, and success. Those things are created by influence but they do not create influence. Let me explain.

Influence is your network. Your network are those individuals that become an army of personal walking ambassadors. People that will always have your back. That will talk about you to anyone they can at any chance they get. We all have a few people we just love. Some may say it’s the produce guy at the market, others will say it’s a repairman or a mechanic. For me if I come across someone in need of a plumber, organic veggies, or a property inspector without hesitation I will recommend those individuals. I will stop you in the street if I over hear you talking about it. Why? Because those individuals have provided such great value to me that I want them to succeed and I want everyone to experience the joy I have when dealing with them.

How do you get such loyalty? It’s actually very simple. STOP KEEPING SCORE!! Watch out for the other guy. Make your win about what he wants. Make your win about the other person. The hell with win-win, place their interest first.

When you base your relationships on who owes who what, you’re not being a friend, you’re being a creditor.

If you place others people interest first your interest will always be taken care of.

Watch out for what other people need with the faith that when you do, you will get what you need.

So, when you place other people’s needs first your interest will always be taken care of. Always.


We each have a set of core values that define us. Let them shine through. Don’t be fake just for the sake of a sale. Remember you are operating from the “How may I help you?” perspective. Be yourself, people will know when you’re faking it. Maybe not immediately but they will and when they do you will lose all credibility and INFLUENCE.

Should I phrase it this way or that way. Should I follow this rule or that rule? How about just being yourself. Showing an interest in the other person. Starting and continuing a conversation purely because you are genuinely interested in that person. What makes them tick, how their kid performed last week at the recital or ball game. Be yourself not some robot that is going through the steps because that’s what all the books say to do.


You must be open to receiving to be a good giver. I guess the best way to describe this is, who you to deny another the gift of giving? It’s the circle of life. You give, you help, and you serve others. That will come around and one day you will be on the receiving end. The best example of this I can think of is the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life. George his whole life gave and gave of himself. The one time he was down on his luck everyone he helped plus some came together to help him. He had to be open to receive that help. It’s how you keep the cycle going.

When asked “What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say giving? Most people will respond “It’s better to give then to receive”.

Right this moment there are billions of organisms receiving carbon dioxide and giving oxygen. Then we are receiving that oxygen and giving carbon dioxide. It’s insane to thing we could just keep giving the CO2 without receiving the O2. Just as it’s insane to think we can just keep giving without receiving.

Every giving can only happen because it is also a receiving. For you not to be open to receiving you are breaking that chain.

Which will you live as?

What you focus on is what you get. You can either decide to be broke or you can decide to be rich. Yes, it really is that easy. Make a decision and commit to it. Remember there are three types of persons.

Survivors Most people focus here. This is where you are when you are just squeezing by and meeting your basic needs

Savers Only some focus here. These people save a little so they are able to expand. They have an emergency fund or a few investments but nothing life changing.

Servers This is a very rare few. To become truly successful, not just financially successful, but genuinely successful in all aspects of their life they must focus squarely on this each and every day.

As you go about your week pick one law each day and implement it. Do not skip a law, so if on Monday you implemented the law of value then Tuesday you didn’t implement anything on Wednesday implement the second law (compensation). Actively look for ways to implement these laws. Listen to people don’t just talk to them. Soon it will become part of who you are and you will be doing amazing things without even thinking about it.


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